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Swirl Membership

Our membership platform provides spaces to reflect, share and move forward. We believe lived experience is a great teacher and the more voices and perspectives at the table, the better. Membership facilitates peer-led support through the provision of educational materials and ongoing dialogue.

A one-time fee provides members with a Swirl member’s card, a copy of the Swirl guide to overcoming overthinking, educational worksheets, exclusive Swirl discounts and opportunities to meet members via worry groups, workshops, brand partnerships and informal meet-ups.

Swirl's lessons focus on grounding yourself in the here and now, labelling thoughts, action-planning solutions or strengthening your ability to release anxieties. Together, we explore the journeys of moving forward, finding flow in hobbies, connecting with others and thinking beyond ourselves.


  • Image of Swirl Membership
  • Image of Swirl Membership